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The Official Prince Tribute, to its detriment, observed no such limitations except when it really should have. Bilal, for instance, aced his cameos at the aforementioned Carnegie Hall show and the Revolution reunion; here he tore up The Beautiful Ones and If I Was Your Girlfriend and made you wonder why he didnt just sing half the show. Yet the Official Prince Tributes formlessness had certain fascinations of its own. For one thing, we witnessed just how fraught Princes relationship with hip-hop truly was. The band began Pop Life cool. Suddenly someone began hoarsely shouting, Is the party up in here?! over and over for two-thirds of it, like a DJ Khaled understudy. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Doug E. Fresh: hip-hop pioneer, beatboxer extraordinaire, and, on this occasion, utter earsore. Still, at least he made La Di Da Di (which he performed around hour four), a genuine hip-hop classic. Tony Mosley, a.k.a.

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