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Kelley told him to go away as he approached, according to a police report. A neighbor who saw the encounter told police Bigbee turned and walked away. "Man, I got something for her," Bigbee said, according to the report. Despite the circumstances, there was not enough evidence for a criminal charge. The case turned cold in 1980. More than 30 years later, detectives began re-examining evidence that had been stored and sealed. They came across the bloody sheet, portions of which were submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for DNA testing. By that time, Bigbee had been in prison for other crimes. He served about 18 months for burglary and larceny in the 1980s. And he served 5 1/2 years beginning in 1988 for sexual battery. When detectives again questioned him in 2012, he agreed to provide a DNA sample.

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