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Swaraj and I were high school sweethearts. He went to UK for higher studies, and my career kept me busy, as you must have guessed, we grew apart. 6 years later when I stumbled upon his profile on Facebook, I was taken by surprise. He was settled in Mumbai married, he looked content with the beautiful wife in his arm. I debated for days before sending him the friend request, he didnt take more than a minute to accept. Old feelings rekindled little by little. Why didnt you marry? he asked. Didnt get enough time to look for someone. I responded. My work is bringing me to Bangalore, want to catch up for a cup of coffee? The coffee date crossed its limits, Swaraj ended up spending the night at my apartment instead of the 5 star accommodation provided by his office. His trips to Bangalore grew frequent, or perhaps he played a role in increasing them. One Saturday evening we decided to get married, the following Sunday he flew back to Mumbai and forced his wife into an abortion.

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