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Hundreds of trainees were stationed at the college on the city outskirts when masked gunmen stormed in. Some cadets were taken hostage during the raid, which lasted nearly five hours. Most of the dead were cadets. "They just barged in and started firing point-blank. We started screaming and running around in the barracks," one police cadet who survived told media. Other cadets spoke of jumping out of windows and cowering under beds as the attackers hunted them down. Video footage from inside one of the barracks showed blackened walls and rows of charred beds. Islamic State's Amaq news agency published the claim of responsibility, saying three IS fighters "used machine guns and grenades, then blew up their explosive vests in the crowd." Mir Sarfaraz Bugti, home minister of the province of Baluchistan, whose capital is Quetta, said the gunmen attacked a dormitory where cadets rested and slept. "Two attackers blew themselves up, while a third was shot in the head by security men," he said. A Reuters photographer at the scene said authorities carried out the body of a teenaged boy who they said was one of the attackers and had been shot dead by security forces.

"Every day with him, I like to describe, it was like a party," she said of her husband Justin. In October of 2014 shortly after Justin and Laurens third wedding anniversary, the Bucks County couple was in Greece for a destination wedding. "As I was walking up the steps they were pulling him out, he was unconscious," Lauren said. Justin drowned while swimming during a boating trip. "After losing Justin it was a very dark time," she said. Lauren quit her job as a middle school teacher. "I spent a lot of time alone. I kind of secluded myself in my apartment, sat in the darkness, wearing loungewear," Lauren said However a little over a year ago, sketches and designs drew the New Hope woman out of her deep depression. She says she learned how to do it from YouTube. Drawing on inspiration from her seamstress grandmother Jean and Justin's zest for life, Lauren designed her own pajama line. "So this is one of the styles, this is a two piece I named Brooklyn.

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